Chaotica: Journey Into the Mint Realms

1,597 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 26, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Chaotica is a mod about Dimensional Exploration and is heavily inspired by AoA and DivineRPG. This mod was made with MCreator, and is still in development. My goal with this mod is to prove that not all MCreator mods are bad.


This mod adds 5 dimensions to the game:

  • The Cinnamon Pillars (Major WIP)
  • The Wintermint Forest
  • The Peppermint Mountains
  • The Floating Islands of Spearmint
  • The Caves of Chaotica

    The main goal is to travel through the mint realms and acquire weapons, armors, items, etc., and defeat the bosses (Not yet finished)

    If you would like to follow development of this mod, join me and the team on our Discord server:


Here's the link to the MCreator page (it does not receive as many updates or a changelog, so I recommend staying here):


You may distribute this mod in a public modpack ONLY if it is though Twitch / Curseforge.

This mod is NOT to be downloaded from ANYWHERE else except for the MCreator page and the official Discord server.



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