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What is Chaos Additions?

  • Chaos Additions extends Chaos Awakens by adding Sapphire as well as AIOTs a tool used as a combined Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel and Hoe in one for all Vanilla and Chaos Awakens tool tiers.
  • Sapphire Armour gives Dolphins Grace as well as Water Breathing whenever you are submerged in water.

What is Chaos Awakens?

  • Chaos Awakens extends the current experience of the game. Chaos Awakens adds/or will add more bosses, armor, weapons, tools, dimensions, dungeons and so much more! With all this said, we aim to bring a crazy experience into Minecraft. Currently, the mod is in beta and is still expanding. Chaos Awakens is spiritually inspired by Orespawn and may have features recreated by our very own team!
  • We are also not related to the original Orespawn mod creator in any way and we create everything for the mod ourselves!

Why should I try it?

  • AIOTs.
  • Useful Gear.


You can join my discord! https://discord.gg/5uMtag9

Ask us on the Chaos Awakens discord in the #chaos-addons-discussion channel! https://discord.gg/hnCKD4M87R

You may also hang out, suggest new ideas for Chaos Awakens, and get unique announcements for Chaos Awakens there!

Chaos Awakens Website: https://chaosawakens.github.io/