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What do you get when you combine ComputerCraft and LuaJIT? High-performance computing in Minecraft! This mod does nothing other than make ComputerCraft computers faster.


I have tried to maintain ComputerCraft's behavior as closely as I can. There are small behavioral differences however. Additionally, LuaJIT does not have the string metatable bug! Additionally, ComputerCraft's "disable_lua51_features" configuration option is ignored. This is one area in which I hope to continue improving; ideally, with the mod, computers would behave identically. This is quite tricky to do in practice, and in the case of things like the string metatable bug, not necessarily desirable.

Fair warning: this mod is VERY early in development, relatively speaking. It will almost certainly have bugs! Please, report them to me as best you can; provide any information that is relevant; what other mods are being used, log files, etc.

Especially on Windows and OSX! I haven't even had a chance to test on OSX yet so it almost certainly doesn't work yet.

See the issue tracker on CurseForge for known bugs!

Additionally, the mod only works in Minecraft 1.7.10 right now. This is not going to be the case forever; I definitely intend to support newer versions in the future! It has been tested with ComputerCraft 1.75 but should work with most ComputerCraft versions compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10.