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Adds various organs to chest cavity, mostly mechatronic

Requires Chest Cavity: Chest Cavity - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

Chest Cavity requires this specific cloth config: Cloth Config API (UNUSED) - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

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In order of image below:

Abyssal organs: more defense, less metabolism
Actuator: Supernatural speed, poor strength

Copper Wiring: Exceptional nerves, pathetic defense

Copper Frame: Knockback resistant, poor defense
Phantom Pump: Average breath recovery/capacity, average endurance, poor buoyancy

Filter Pump: Average filtration, poor detoxification

Blood Pump: Pathetic detoxification, poor health, pathetic metabolism
Jump Shaft: Average speed, poor leaping, poor strength, impact resistant
Golden Wiring: Supernatural nerves
Clockwork Core: Poor speed, cripples endurance, poor defense, poor health, poor strength

Gem Holster: Slightly reduces speed, exceptional luck, slightly reduces buoyancy

Acid Mixer: Average nutrition, pathetic digestion

Steel Actuator: Pathetic speed, pathetic defense, exceptional strength

Steel Cable: Exceptional nerves, average defense, cripples metabolism
Steel Frame: Exceptional defense, slightly reduces metabolism
Steel Detoxifier: Poor filtration, average detoxification, poor endurance, reduces metabolism

Steel Core: Good defense, good health, cripples metabolism
Captured Soul: Supernatural buoyancy

Creative Soul [Creative only]: default organ scores of a default cavity

Iron Lung: average breath recovery/capacity, exceptional endurance
Heart of Gold: Poor luck, poor health, poor defense, cripples strength

Hasty Muscle: Exceptional speed, poor nerves, pathetic strength
Showcase of new organs



New organ scores:
Resonance: On taking damage from a mob, push away all nearby mobs
Neutrally Fluid Buoyant: Neutrally buoyant in water and lava
Panicking: On taking damage from a mob, increase your speed temporarily
Shrieking: On taking damage from a mob, push away and damage all nearby mobs

In order of image below:
Swim Bladder (Creative Only): Good swim speed, neutrally fluid buoyant
Resonant Core: Resonant
Adrenal Catalyst: Good Panicking, Resonant
Adrenal Shrieker: Shrieking
Tumor (Creative Only): nothing yet
Circuitry: Good nerves, cripples endurance, poor health, pathetic metabolism
Super Capacity: Exceptional Endurance, Average Nerves
Nutrient Mixer: Average Nutrition, Pathetic Digestion
Electrolyzer: Good Water Breath, Good Breath Capacity
Acid Mixer (REBALANCE): Pathetic Nutrition, Slightly Reduces Endurance, Average Digestion
Steel Detoxifier (REBALANCE): Poor Filtration, Poor Detoxification, Poor Endurance, Reduces Metabolism
Steel Distributor (STEEL CORE REBALANCE): Poor Defense, Good Health, Reduces Metabolism
Steel Actuator (REBALANCE): Pathetic Speed, Pathetic Defense, Exceptional Strength

0.0.2 new organs/changed organs



In order of image below:

Draconis Fundamentum: Buff purging, cripples endurance, cripple health, allows flight, cripples metabolism

Cluster Bomb (Creative Only): Cluster explosion, upon taking damage, nuke everything
Crystal Core: reduces defense, poor health, good strength, poor resonance

Crystal Rod: average speed, slightly reduces defense, supernatural strength

Sharded Rib: knockback resistant, pathetic resonance

Rejuvenated Rib: reduces endurance, exceptional defense

Rejuvenated Spine: cripples endurance, good nerves, good defense

Reanimated Heart: reduces endurance, good health, pathetic metabolism

Reanimated Kidney: good filtration, pathetic detoxification, reduces endurance


Note: the recent chest cavity version makes nerves more useful, affecting mining and attack speed