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Adds new ores, plants,
and more.

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Adds new materials,
tools, armors, and more.

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Adds new cave mobs.

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Adds new cave dimensions.
There's no surface there.

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Miner Stats

Adds new miner stats system.
It makes the mine life even more fun.

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  1. If you don't already have a compatible version of Forge, download the latest Forge installer from here.
    Then run the installer and choose "Install Client".
  2. Download this mod file and place it in the "mods" directory.
  3. Run the Minecraft launcher and select the compatible Forge profile. Click "Play".

 To confirm that the mod was properly loaded, click Mods on the main Minecraft menu and look for it in the list.



Recommends you to change config settings in the GUI.

  1. Click Mods on the main Minecraft menu and click "Cavern" mod entry in the list.
  2. Click Config and change the this mod config settings.


Cave Portals

You can go by cave portal to cave dimensions.

  1. Build the portal frame of Moss Stone. (4x5 minimum, 23x23 maximum)
  2. Place a trigger item into the portal frame.
  3. Walk inside your portal. Stand into the portal frame and wait.

Trigger Items

Cavern Emerald
Aqua Cavern Aquamarine
Caveland Sapling
Ice Cavern Packed Ice
Ruins Cavern Miner's Thought Orb
Huge Cavern Diamond