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 As of Minecraft 1.18.2 Cave Tweaks will NO LONGER BE UPDATED. This mod is DISCONTINUED and only for 1.18.1.

Minecraft 1.18 brought a huge overhaul to caves.

Cave Tweaks (a mod for both Fabric and Forge) aims to extend that by bringing even more variation to the game's cave systems.

It should be compatible with most worldgen mods, including Terralith.


 The mod is extremely configurable and almost every aspect of cave generation can be edited.


Cave Tweaks' advanced configuration allows you to customize:
- Cave sizes. You can make rare, huge caverns, or have cheese caves make flat caverns through the entire map - or anything else! You can make spaghetti caves form intricate cave systems, or just make them thicker.

- Aquifers. Make them more common, get rid of them completely or make them almost always form  cave lakes!

- Cave biomes! Change their placement to be more or less 3d, or even make an entire underground of lush caves if you want.

...and much more!



With the default configuration:

- Underground biomes are truly 3d - for example, you can find a dripstone cave below a lush cave, which is never possible in vanilla.

- Cave Entrances can be very rounded, very layered, or anywhere in between.

- Aquifers are much larger and have much more varied shapes. They are also much more likely to create partially flooded caves.

- "Spaghetti" cave tunnels are usually clamped shut when near the surface, to avoid destroying the terrain too much. Rarely, they can open up into much larger cave entrances.

- Pillars are much less common in Cave Entrances to avoid unnecessary clutter.

- Spaghetti caves are warped and twisted into many different shapes!










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