Cave Generator

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Cave Generator is a modification of Mojang's tunnel generation algorithm, used for creating cave-like openings in the overworld. It supports injecting overrides for almost any variable used in the process, and even adds a few options for creating different shapes. Additionally, users can apply decorations to flood caves with water, replace surfaces with grass, cover them with gravel, place stalagmites and stalactites, and more. Each cave preset has a percent selection chance, a height range, biome restrictions, and other parameters to help make them stand out and prompt exploration. Multiple presets can even be combined to create entirely new shapes.


Cave Generator also supports a number of new features that would not ordinarily exist in vanilla, such as giant ore and stone clusters (multiple chunk radius), stone layers, dedicated stalagmite and stalactite generators, and even an entirely new, noise-based cavern generator.


In addition, Cave Generator can be configured to run alongside some other cave generators, such as Worley's Caves. Take a look at the config file and set "otherGeneratorsEnabled" to true to enable this feature. Expect slower generation speeds.

Because preset creation can initially be somewhat tedious, the mod includes a total of 13 example presets. By default, only the vanilla preset is enabled. It can be found under /config/cavegenerator/presets/, which is the cave preset directory. Open it up and take a look at the different categories to get a better idea of what can be done. To enable or disable presets, simply change "enabled" from false to true, or remove the line "enabled" altogether, as true is the default option. There is no need to restart the game for this to take effect; presets can be reloaded while in-game using the command "/cave reload." Use "/cave" to see which other commands are available.


If you're just looking to explore the demo presets included with the mod, simply copy the files from `/config/cavegenerator/example_presets` to `/config/cavegenerator/presets` and then run the command `/cave list` to quickly enable or disable whichever ones you'd like to explore. The changes will take effect immediately upon exploring new chunks. I also recommend running `/cave test` to quickly get into spectator mode with night vision for easy exploration.


Find us on Discord!

Suggestions and bug reports can be sent to GitHub. However, I welcome any feedback and am usually willing to discuss potential changes or additions to the mod on Discord. I'm also willing to help you get your presets setup exactly how you like them, so feel free to join us there! Here's a link.



  • Fully customize Mojang's tunnels, ravines, and rooms to create a variety of different shapes and patterns by altering the frequencies, dimensions, angles, and more.
  • Create your own noise-based cavern generation with all of the parameters from FastNoise and more.
  • Spawn giant clusters and layers of stone.
  • Decorate caves with stalactites, giant pillars, and nbt structures.
  • Cover the ground with grass or other blocks, or replace the air with something different.
  • Don't feel like messing with the settings? Try out all 13 of the included presets, or check the Discord server for more.


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