107,880 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 3, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Basic Gameplay:


  • Designed to be mainly used with mouse
  • Enter Key used in Craps/SicBo/Roulette to roll dice / spin wheel


  • Designed to be used with arrow keys and enter
  • M and N used in Tetris/Columns/MeanMinos to rotate


Inventory GUI:

  • Key: used to lock the screen so only someone with the right key can access the inventory. It checks item and name (a wooden sword named stone will not react to a stone block)
  • Module: the actual game module, circuits for the arcade machine, everything else for the card table
  • Upper Field: Token input/output. Used to manage the blocks inventory. The left field fills the inventory, the right field extracts them. To avoid unintented movement the arrows are toggable, turning them on will allow flow to the next field.
  • Always turn the arrows off after using them: this action sends a synchronisation message for the inventory to client-server
  • Key, Module, Inventory all need to be filled for the Table/Arcade to function properly
  • The config file enables a creative inventory option
  • The creative inventory button (C-Button on the screen, if enabled) sets the inventory on creative, allowing infinite resources to be rewarded to players. Useful for map makers
  • The button above/below the inventory counter sets the bet (lower middle field). Left for minimum, right for maximum. The arcade has only one single bet since it has no casino feature and a difference between min/max is not neccessary. Setting max on 0 enables free-play mode
  • Highscores are created automatically when a game is first started. To reset a highscore you need to put in a different module and starting it, overriding the old highscore. Then simply putting the old game back into it and starting it.


Games on the Card Table are designed to work with the mouse.

Roulette/Craps/SicBo require a press on ENTER to roll the dice / rotate the wheel and a second press to go to the results.

Arcade Games work with ARROW keys for movement and M and N to rotate pieces. Minesweeper only works with mouse.


A few notes on how to use the block inventories:

- the wide table doens't behave correctly. You can right click only one side of it.

- The arcade block changes ist Picture on sneak-right-click. Or on world load.

- I added a creative mode. It's not perfect but does it's Job.

      In the config file you Need to enable the creative button. in the inventory GUI there is a button with C on it, press it to activate creative mode. In that mode the inventory of the tale has infinite resources. But you still Need to put a token in it. After that you can simply disable the button in the config file. That way it gives map makers Access to the creative mode, while disabling it for Players who want to build their own Casinos.

- The Arrows showing to and from the inventory field are clickable. Once activates the inventory Slots in ist sides will put stuff in or take out of the inventory, depending on the side. The arrows above and below Change the Minimum and Maximum bet. Not really intuitive, but easy to figure out. Putting bets on 0 is essentially free-play mode. The Maximum bet has no Limit. The arcade machine has a simple bet (no max/min), because it gives no rewards and the bet is simply seen as entry fee.

- the second config Option is simply how fast it Transfers stuff in the inventory. Either one per tick, or everything at once.


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