Cartoon Cat Mod

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Sorry if im not making updates, but the school is taking all of my free time.

A Minecraft mod based on Cartoon Cat. Inspired by the Minecraft Bedrock Edition "Siren Head addon" made by BendytheDemon18.


I liked BendytheDemon18's addon and wanted it in Minecraft Java Edition, so I made it myself. The mod isn't the same as the original addon, but I'll make updates.


This mod adds Cartoon Cat (creature by Trevor Henderson) in your Minecraft world, he only spawns at night and will aim at you immediatly, better if you have a shelter, because he's very fast, strong and has a massive health that makes him almost invincible.


I can't promise you'll get updates very often because of the school, but I'll do my best :)


Sorry if I made some grammatical errors, but I don't speak English.

Let me know if there's any bug, or other issues in the mod.