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Filename fabric-carpet-1.17.1-1.4.46+v210918.jar
Uploaded by gnembon
Uploaded Sep 18, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1
Size 1.37 MB
Downloads 13,019
MD5 2819334d4d48ccabceff53f1ffa50052
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.17 Versions


What's new in carpet 1.4.46: - support for 21w37a - removed time restrictions from /spawn test - with cleanLogs and vanilla showDeathMessages false, your logs will be clean from death messages of any mob - fixed /spawn command to work with Türkİsh locale

scarpet changes: - fixed code optimizations eagerly compacting all arguments of methods and operators. Now it only optimizes left or right-most argument depending on the associativity of the operator. - handling events is now disabled when an action is triggered via scarpet code, preventing infinite recursions in events. - fixed plop not plopping unconfigured structures and features - some biome API changes for 1.18, check biome() for details - it is possible, that structures API is messed up somehow due to 1.18 changes. It might not be, but hey.... don't say you weren't warned. - incorrect use of some code flow methods (if, while, etc...) will be reported as an error, and not crash yo app - fixed code optimization errors when handling accessing of containers, - fixed handling of list type NBT tags - fixed 'y' component being incorrectly applied when accessing entity via 'motion' parameter, blame @altrisi - removed 'long' limits from 'fact' returning a 'double' estimated result instead.