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Filename fabric-carpet-1.16.3-1.4.12+v201001.jar
Uploaded by gnembon
Uploaded Oct 1, 2020
Game Version 1.16.3
Size 1.05 MB
Downloads 5,649
MD5 e997927e0c1108bd573b95f28f5a134f
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What's new in carpet 1.4.12
- still works with 1.16.3
- fixed compatibility issue with OptiFabric and Optifine and issues with mods by PhiPro
- fixed fillLimit limit to be inclusive, not exclusive
- ai_tracker app shows now item pickup range for players
- README now puts available carpet extensions ecosystem front and center linking a wiki page with community contributions to carpet and scarpet

Scarpet changes
- added ... unary operator indicating a variable length argument in function signatures.
- added support for user defined functions with variable length argument list. Use fun(foo, ... bar) -> baz for that
- ~ used for string matching now will return grouping matching if more than one grouping is used in a regular expression
- errors in regex syntax are now reported as proper coding errors with stacktraces and the whole shebang
- fixed handling of some null objects, specifically in set_poi, breaking_progress and put for lists. If you had troubles working with these endpoints, you may not have now.
- added player_collides_with_entity event - albeit its not the actual collision, only when player is in an effect range of an entity (slightly larger box), so the name may still change
- added player_picks_up_item event to signal of player ingesting items.
- improved drastically docs for events.
- added task_thread to allow threads to run on a custom executor. Removed that ability from task. This allows for schedule functions with variable argument list
- fixed issue with run function not executing without player context
- updated item_category to return null for items without a category
- cleaned up parsing of nbt stings with nbt function. The string version of the returned value now correctly represents what the actual result of the parsing.
- entity_area now accepts tuple and block arguments.