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Filename fabric-carpet-1.15.2-1.4.8+v200811.jar
Uploaded by gnembon
Uploaded Aug 12, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 1.02 MB
Downloads 2,285
MD5 1c1a46ad8922fd5b9ed8e7167642e5d2
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Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


What's new in carpet 1.4.8

  • supports 1.16.2
  • (likely) a last 1.15.x release
  • updated Chinese translations

What's new in carpet 1.4.7

  • support for 1.16.2-pre3 and 1.16.2-rc1

scarpet changes

  • fixed client crash in 1.16.2 when updating client chunks via set_biome and reload_chunk

What's new in carpet 1.4.6

  • support for 1.16.2-pre2
  • added 'ops' option to suggestions for most command carpet settings

What's new in carpet 1.4.5

  • support for 1.16.2-pre1

scarpet changes

  • function names are now case sensitive, so sin() is different than Sin(). This fixes imports of UC functions from other modules and libraries
  • added 'on_ground' query to entity API
  • proper error reporting when operators are missing between new-style list and map constructors.
  • tweaked line particle display and chunk_display app so it renders better on vanilla clients. Still better to view them on carpet clients
  • moved scarpet shapes rendering to the end of the tick - should now render little better over liquids.

What's new in carpet 1.4.4

  • updated traditional and simplified chinese translations
  • fixed compatibility issues with reach entity attributes
  • fixed compatibility issues with optifine. Backported to 1.4.0 for 1.16.1 as ....build2
  • /perimeterinfo will now spawn test entities below Y0 to prevent from colliding with players

scarpet changes

  • changed and expanded available entity descriptors for entity_list and entity_area, Now they support all entity types and categorizations. Previous descriptors that were not consistent, like 'players' or 'items' are removed.
  • improved precision of entity targetting with entity_area.
  • added label to supported shapes as floating text
  • allow for discrete snapping of client shapes, using 'dxdydz' as opposite to 'xyz'
  • type of 'task' is reported properly
  • expanded entity API with 'path', 'brain', 'active_block', and 'breaking_progress' functions
  • solved hash collisions for shapes caused by vanilla vec3d(-8,8,-8) == vec3d(8,8,8)
  • added '__on_player_swaps_hands` event handles
  • fixed issue where command-defined events were preventing apps events from registering

What's new in carpet 1.4.3

  • supports 20w29a
  • restored golem counter in villager tracking due to 28a changes

scarpet changes

  • attached entity events (via entity_event) will execute with the context (dimension, position, etc) of the entity
  • events of taking damage, block breaking, and using item are called a bit earlier - before they have an effect in vanilla
  • fixed nbt values reporting their initial value despite being modified
  • events of updating hotbar slot and craft request will trigger only once

What's new in carpet 1.4.2

  • supports 20w28a
  • adjusted names of structures in built-in overlay app to adjust to 1.16.2 changes
  • allowed carpet extensions to add their own built-in apps
  • add listener for HUD logging allowing extensions to contribute their own HUD loggers
  • added /player X look at subcommand
  • removed portalSuffocationFix from 1.16 version, as its fixed in 20w28a
  • added piglinsSpawningInBastions for 1.16 allowing Piglins, Piglin Brutes, and Hoglins respawn in bastion remnants.

scarpet changes

  • addition on maps treats them like sets and produces merged maps. Lists operations are still propritizing vector approach, not lists approach.
  • new structure and plop (world gen) API for 1.16.2 (incoming) support for features and structures in json. Your previous names used with structure API and especially plop will not work but going forwards, names will be compatible with Mojang datapack specs.
  • documented how to setup scarpet markers as armorstand type markers

What's new in carpet 1.4.1

  • added renewableBlackstone forming when lava flows next to blue ice WITHOUT soul soil below it.

scarpet changes in 1.4.1

  • Officially supported new map and list constructor syntax. You have 1.4.0 and are missing {} and [] - don't worry - it works in 1.4 as well, it is just not documented. Previous functional notation (using m() and l() ) is fully supported and the 'proper' way to do it.
  • -> operator in map constructor context now returns a tuple of its arguments. To construct a set of functions, you would have to add them one by one now, as -> will be creating pairs, not defining functions


__config() -> m( l('stay_loaded', true) );
global_precious_blocks = l('dirt', 'stone');

Now, this would also work:

__config() -> { 'stay_loaded' -> true };
global_precious_blocks = ['dirt', 'stone'];
  • fixed lighting issues when resetting chunks with reset_chunk. Now it all resets properly. Thanks to PhiPro
  • added persistence (query and modify) to the entity API
  • without_updates and in_dimension should now be thread safe