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Filename fabric-carpet-20w06a-1.3.9+v200206.jar
Uploaded by gnembon
Uploaded Feb 5, 2020
Game Version 1.16-Snapshot
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MD5 1dbe01a44a5c1f3be4c0c74ab5c76a46
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scarpet changes in 1.3.9 (towards 1.7)

  • added support for new Nether_Fossil structure, fixed overlay app complaining about lack thereof
  • added new block sounds: fungi_stem, nylium, fungi, roots, shroomlight, weeping_vines, soul_sand, soul_soil, basalt, wart, netherrack, nether_bricks, nether_sprouts, nether_ore, bone, netherite, ancient_debris
  • added new material: nether_wood
  • added new features to plop: crimson_fungi, warped_fungi, nether_forest_vegetation, weeping_vines, basalt_pillar, nether_fossil.

What's new in 1.3.8

  • support for 1.16 snapshots, namely 20w06a
  • dropped support for 1.14.4
  • added /carpet interactionUpdates to prevent block updates with player actions
  • support for displaying multiple counters in the HUD, list them comma-separated to display multiple of them.

scarpet changes in 1.3.8 (towards 1.7)

  • much improved error handling
  • added forgotten fortress preventing overlay app to work in the nether
  • fix a few responses with material()