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Caravans, a mod heavily inspired by RimWorld, brings more life to the Minecraft by adding a group of mobs that come to the player in search of trades. These traders can sell almost anything, from items to creatures! 



Caravans consist of the following structure:

  •      Caravan
    • Leader - The head of the caravan, the one you must trade with.
    • Followers - The Merchants and Livestock that come along to trade and be traded.
      • Merchants - The ones that decide what to trade and how much they have left
        • Types of Trades
          • ItemStack -> ItemStack - Give an item, gain an Item.
          • ItemStack -> Entity - Give an item, gain a mob on a leash.
          • Entity -> Entity - Give an entity (By having it leashed to you), gain an entity on a leash.

Documentation can be found on the Wiki.

By default Caravans has no content by itself, the mod requires CraftTweaker to be installed to add Caravans, Merchants and Trades to the game. Additionally, Caravans has support for GameStages.



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