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The mod is currently in BETA, and features will certainly change in the coming versions.



Capture & Playback is an extension for G4mespeed, so it requires the Core version of G4mespeed to be installed. Other than that, the mod has zero dependencies, and only Fabric Loader is required for the correct version of Minecraft.



There are lots of features in Capture & Playback. As the name suggests, it allows you to capture signals from your redstone creations and play them back without any wiring. This is primarily done through a UI that can only be explained as something similar to a MIDI editor. You have compositions that contain tracks. Each track contains a sequence of signals that program which channels (positions in the world) should receive power at which time offset. Once you have completed your composition, you can view your work in the MC world by playing back the signals in real time.


Some things to get you started:

  • Initially it is a good idea to setup your hotkeys under the hotkeys tab as desired. This will make it easier to edit sequences and compositions later.
  • You can create a new composition by using /composition new <name> in chat.
  • Generally, compositions and sequences are loaded through the UI by pressing 'G' by default, going to the Capture & Playback tab. Alternatively aompositions can be listed via /composition list and you can easily click on the composition you want to load in chat.
  • After editing the composition, tracks can be created by pressing 't' in the composition editor and CTRL + 't' for deleting the currently hovered track.
  • To add an entry to a track you can double click on the track itself.
  • To edit a track sequence, double click on one of the entries on the track. This will bring up a sequence editor.
  • In the sequence editor you can use hotkeys to create channels in the world. These channels will be bound to the position that the crosshair is currently over.
  • Entries in tracks can be created by dragging using the left mouse button. You can easily remove them by pressing CTRL + left click.
  • You can remove updates from either end of an entry by a single left-click when hovering over either the start or end.
  • Once you have created your sequences in your composition, you can view the results by running the command  /playback start <handle>. The handle is based on the title and can be found in the UI during editing or the table where all assets are shown.
  • ...including much more


Video Tutorials

I have not personally made any video tutorials, and I am not planning to do so. Below are some community made tutorials that are freely available.


The following is a NOW MOSTLY OUTDATED tutorial on some of the simple features in Capture & Playback by Frozen Whiskers. If you are stuck, you can watch some of the video, but keep in mind that it is rather lengthy. It also does not address all features of Capture & Playback. However, it does walk you through how to make your first composition IN A PREVIOUS VERSION:



Below are some examples of what can be done with G4mespeed Capture & Playback:




All of this allows you to create complex builds that are otherwise impossible:


Join the community

In case you have questions or want to know more about G4mespeed releases, feel free to join the discord by following the link below: