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Cannibal Conundrum is a mod that adds deadly cannibals, rugged villages, and the very lifestyle of eating human flesh!

This mod contains:

  • 5 New items
  • 2 Useful blocks
  • 2 Dangerous mobs
  • And a brand-new structure!




The Cannibal - A new hostile human mob that spawns within naturally generating Cannibal Villages. They are quite strong with their bone swords, and quick movement.


 The Cannibal Butcher - A hulking cannibal type that also spawn within the cannibal villages. The Cannibal Butcher is a "mini-boss" that brings quite the fight to the player with their own twisted crafted monstrosity, the Stonesaw, which is an incredibly strong weapon that will rip through flesh and bone. Brave players that defeat the Cannibal Butcher will be rewarded with the Stonesaw.


Items & Consumables:

Bone Sword - A new, odd tool that both cannibals and players can wield, the Bone Sword is a new weapon that is quite strong, but very weak with durability.

Bone Mask - A peculiar mask that the player can obtain, the Bone Mask is a weak mask for armor, but comes with the unique quirk of making all skeletal mobs friendly towards you when worn.

Stonesaw - A unique reward for players that fought off the Cannibal Butcher, the Stonesaw is a very strong tool that the player can use to rip through mobs.

Fresh Flesh - A new consumable that is the alternative to Rotten Flesh, Fresh Flesh is a food item that gives you decent hunger, but in turn makes the player crave more and only more.

Flesh Chili - A delicious delicacy, Flesh Chili is a new food bowl that gives the player lots of hunger, but still makes the player crave more flesh.


Skull Lamp - A new light source block, a Skull Lamp is a sick way to brighten up the place.

Bone Trap - A interesting new take on a block, the Bone Trap is a crude trap made of bones that will dig into any entity that dares step in it.


The Cannibal Village - A twisted gathering location of cannibals that contains great rewards, but the residents are not so friendly.





 Mod inspired by The Texas Chain Saw Massacre films.

 Sound credits