This mod add 13 unique spider variants with special abilities and spawns.

there will be more updates coming! so feel free to give suggestions!




 Sand Shifter Spider 


The Sand Shifter Spider blends into sand by going underground. if you're not paying attention, it may just take a nibble out of you! 



Void Watcher

       The Void Watcher spawns in the end, this spider is nuetral, and will be found flying about the end.

But be careful it may just never lose sight of you.


Diving Bell Spider

The Diving Bell Spider swims and lives underwater and may just take a little {big} nibble of you while sailing the seas.


Jumping Spider

The Jumping Spider lives in the mountains and hops all up and down those mountains, in fact it loves hopping so much that it may just hop at you. Who knows maybe you can make something with what they drop!


Wolf Spider

The Wolf Spider is viscous and hungry, it'll attack day and night and never stop chasing!


Slug Spider

The slug spider is native to swamps, it looks innocent enough, but if its mad, you may lose sight of it right in your eyes.


Molten Spider

The Molten Spider spawns in the nether and has a fiery bite, be careful, there's no water to sooth the heat in the nether! 


Cobbleshell Spider

The Cobbleshell Spider has a well, a hard shell, protecting it from arrows, tridents, etc. you'll have to get up close to defeat this spider.


Black Widow

The Black Widow gives enough venom from one bite to kill a person! Be careful, you may just be that person.


Orb Weaver

The Orb Weaver sends its webs flying at its prey to wrap them up and slow them down. If you're hit by one of his webs than you may just be its prey.

Crimson Spider

The Crimson Spider is found in Crimson forests.


(Coming Soon)

When killed it covers itself in blackstone as a last resort to surviving, leaving a statue in its place that you can mine and take with you


Warped Spider

The Warped Spider is friendly and to blocky to climb like a normal spider, but man is it fast! It panics if hurt. Who knows, try feeding it something special!


Soul Caster Spider

The Soul Caster spawns in the soul sand valleys, if killed by this creature it will eat your soul, this doesn't do anything bad to you, dont worry, just be careful out there! And gather its ectoplasm?