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Logo by Simeeow



Offical Candylands Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPjIjTVmgMlsuE9N86pfm6g


Note: The mod developement is currently on hold since I'm working on another project. When I get to it it'll be rewritten on Java instead of MCreator. 


Mod Info

You enter the dimension using a Warped Pop which is crafted using a stick, three Enderpearls and one piece of Sugar. You leave it by eating a Return Pop sold by the Candyseller Gingerbread Man for one Golden Candy Coin. When you enter, you receive a Guidebook that will help you on your journey. Looking at the 29 new advancements might also help. There is a total of 3 Dungeons with 2 of them having a unique boss. In the third one you need to defeat waves mobs to succeed. You will also encounter some of the 20+ new mobs.


Sorry if I my english is bad, I am Austrian.


You can report bugs in the Curseforge Issues Tab and if you have any questions write a comment.

If you make a video about the mod, please put the link in a comment so that I can put it on the Featured Videos Page.


Have fun with the mod <3