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NOTECandyCraft is being revived and is currently in the process of being rewritten by the Cryptic Mushroom team! The team needs skilled modders to work on it, apply now :) . Here is our Discord server where you can discuss CandyCraft and our other mods:

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You want to have a journey to a peaceful and sweet country? Too bad! If you want Candyland to be peaceful, you will have to be strong and defeat all those dangerous creatures. Explore many biomes, tame pets and dragons, fight monsters and bosses, trade with the gingerbread villagers and travel through massive dungeons.



A normal landscape in the candy valley.

Another landscape with a candy cane house generated (ladders are not generated)

A house made from chocolate, marshmallow planks and candy cane stairs

Your new friend (Warning: it is a little violent)

Undergrounds villages of gingerbread men.

A sugar storm in the mountains

Caramel woods are dangerous places to live...

Bosses and very big dungeons await you...

28 Achievements

Usefull things:

- Sugar factory: make sugar from any blocks or items of the candy valley
- Sugar Furnace (Licorice furnace): Smelt candy ores and others stuffs use sugar as fuel
- Trampojelly: Green or red, they can be used to jump really high. It doesn't remove fall damage
- Jelly shock absorber: Remove fall damage when falling on it.
- Lollipops can heal mobs (humans, sheeps, creeper...)
- Fork is used to plow pudding block to plant dragibus seeds and lollipops seeds
- To use a wand, you need to hold item use button.
- Put grenadines and ingredients into the alchemy mixer to get some pills
- To hatch a mysterious egg put golden sugar flowers arount it like that : (# : Golden sugar flowers, O: Egg, - : Air)


Suguard: Stupid, it take damage in water and attacking you at night or if you hit them.

Candy Cane Pig: Just like a pig, it love dragibus and avoid humans.

Chocolate dog: Like a wolf but love candy cane, it produce caramel on it back after sometimes. (Need to be tamed, it produce more caramel under caramel leaves) (Caramel can be picked with empty bucket)

Cookie creeper: Odd stare, he is fast but very weak (5 fists in his head), NEVER heal him with a lollipop !

Gummy bunny: Exist in 12977875 differents colors, love licorice, do not take fall damage, they drop gummy.

Carabee: They are neutral but angry when they spawn with a spawner. They fly all over the place. They can be mounted by suguards. They drop honey shards

Gingerbread villager: They avoid human contact but they love to trade. They only trade with chocolate coins.

Cotton Candy Spider : They behave like a normal spider however they jump more often and much higher. They can give slowness effect.

Cranfish: Very fast fish you can eat it. It also drops cranfish scales.

Nessie can be found in ocean, you have to put a saddle on it to ride it. They like fish.

Chewing-gum beetle spawn around chewing-gum totems, don't kill their babies.

Pingouins exist in three differents flavours, strawberry, blueberry, mint. Give them marshmallow flowers or cranfish.

Walfpaca eats candied cherry and makes weird faces when you hit them.

Suguard mage are dangerous creatures of enchanted woods, don't go near them.

King beetles can be mounted, they need energy to jump, or use their power. (Press P default)

Dragons are passive creatures they can fly with energy 


Slime Queen:

Type: Mini Boss
Reward: XP, Slime queen's secret record, Slimes dungeon key (Work in progress; Keep it), Jelly emblem

The slime queen is a boss that can be found on top of trees in candy valley. It got 4 differents forms.

- Spleeping, the slime don't move, don't attack anyone and heal itself.(Color: Black)
- Attacking, the slime will try to jump on you, it jump really high. (Color: Pink)
- OverPowering, the slime will jump a lot faster (Color: Blue)
- Out of Control, the slime will make explosions when jumping (Color: Brown)

Gingerbread men's suguard:

Type: Mini Boss
Reward: XP, Suguard's secret record, Suguards dungeon key (Work in progress; Keep it), Suguard emblem

This suguard can be found in undergrounds villages. It got 5 status:

- Spleeping, The suguard don't move, don't attack anyone and heal itself.(Color: Grey)
- Blue shield : The suguard attack you with normal arrows.
- Orange shield : The suguard will attack you with slowness arrows.
- Green shield : The suguard will 4 arrows at the same time.
- Red shield : The suguard will attack you with fire arrows.

PEZ Jelly:

Type: Sentry
Reward: Sentry key

This sentry can create explosions and can spawn allies. It's not very powerful however it got a lots of health because when you kill it, it's gonna respawn smaller and smaller.

(The PEZ Jelly spawned)
Jelly King:

Type: Boss
Reward: Boss key

This jelly is evil, you can find one of them in jelly dungeons. It's taller than 7 blocks. This jelly can create explosions, throw gummy balls and spawn mobs. Its size depend on his health as its strenght.

Licorice beetle:

Type: Mini Boss
Reward: XP, Beetle's secret record, Beetles dungeon key (Work in progress; Keep it)

Licorice beetle can throw chewing, you will have to hit those projectiles in order to defeat it. You should avoid fire and sky attacks

More to follow......

Crafting recipes: