Transporting energy in Solar Flux Reborn's style! Yep.

It also adds an API to implement any kind of pipe that you would imagine starting from fluids and items and ending with EMC or gases from Mekanism.


So let me describe what it does:

  • Blocks:
    • First Cable - Transfers 320 FE/tick
    • Second Cable - Transfers 3,200 FE/tick
    • The Last Cable - Transfers 320,000 FE/tick
  • For developers:
    • For custom pipe types, use FEPipe.java as an example of implementing them.
    • To register new instances of pipe blocks, refer to BlocksCF.java.



  • You can use this mod in your modpack.
  • You are not allowed to re-publish this mod to other sites without providing a CurseForge download link and my permission (PM to  Zeitheron, or via Discord)
  • You are not allowed to include this (or any other mods of the DragonForge team) in your own mod. Building add-ons, however, is allowed, but a friendly PM would be good.


  • The only supported version of Minecraft is the latest one that this mod exists for. DO NOT ASK TO DOWNGRADE!

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