Concept Of Magic Battle And Technology

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- Killing anything other entity than an abomination should no longer regenerate your mana and give you an enchanted book
- Abominations shouldn't be glowing anymore
- Lightning spells shouldn't crash the game anymore
- Balanced wand strengths. Wands shoulddn't be overpowered anymore, I hope
- Changed the namespace of all structures from "minecraft" to "combat"
- Halved the maximum addition you gain from maxing out magic strength
- Gave the Xp Storage Ring functionlity. If equiped, it will store any experience you gain from orbs into the ender cloud storage. This stored Xp can be retrieved by right-clicking on the ring. If anyone should get a hold of your ring you wouldn't lose your stored experience and can you can still retrieve it by finding another storage ring
- Added tooltips displaying information for all rings
- Abominations will now spawn an xp ring or an enchanted book when defeated
- Changed the name of scroll drop chance in the config
- Added spell "Ring Of Ice"
- Renamed "Golden Rod" to "Gold Rod"

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