Concept Of Magic Battle And Technology

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Filename C.O.M.B.A.T.-1.14.4-0.24.1.jar
Uploaded by Stereowalker
Uploaded Oct 21, 2019
Game Version Forge
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Build: 1.14.4-0.24.1 - Mon Oct 21 14:21:47 GMT 2019
      - Fixed Minecraft closing when saving world
      - The mana bar no longer displays on the player hud
Build: 1.14.4-0.24.0 - Mon Oct 21 13:43:42 GMT 2019
      - Updated to forge 29.1.61
      - N and B no longer change player spells. The player should be able to change spells while sneaking and right-clicking
      - Acrotlest stone furnace now only takes pyranite as a fuel. Any other fuel will not make it burn
      - Pyranite is instantly consumed in any other furnace
      - Acrotlest stone furnaces burns items in 3 times faster than a furnace
      - The god wand will only drop from bosses
      - Luck now has a direct influence on the chances you get a god wand from a boss battle
      - The controller options button now shows in the ingame menu screen
      - Controller button inputs can now be edited
      - Wands now only save up to 3 spells
      - Added staffs
      - Breaking blocks with a controller should work now
Build: 1.14.4-0.23.2 - Fri Oct 13 18:44:14 GMT 2019
      - The N and B buttons should now work properly
      - Soul bow texture now shows up properly
      - The player can no longer cast a spell while sneaking
Build: 1.14.4-0.23.2 - Fri Oct 13 18:44:14 GMT 2019
      - Keyboard keybinds should work for all players on the server
      - Keybinds and entity renders now only load on the client
      - ClientPlayerEntity is only called in the client
      - Updated to Forge 1.14.4-28.1.44
Build: 1.14.4-0.23.1 - Fri Oct 11 18:44:14 GMT 2019
      - Added Monoris Wood
      - Added Stripped Monoris Log and Wood and made Monoris Logs
      and Wood strippable
      - Made Monoris Sapling potable
      - The panorama is now changed in only the client side because I
      was stupid enough to change the value on client and server
Build: 1.14.4-0.23.0 - Thur Oct 10 18:14:14 GMT 2019
      - Added Clipper (name will be changed in the future)      
      - Made zombies, creepers, spiders, skeletons and endermen no
      longer spawn in the acrotlest, with the exception of those that
      spawn in monster rooms and mineshafts
      - Clippers now spawn in the acrotlest
      - Made registries done on the client visible to the server because
      the server doesn't seem to want to start without it - Added a new
      type of spell "ray spell" - Added the Life Drain spell. It's a spell
      that saps the life out of an opponent and turns it into your own