Bygone Nether

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Filename bygonenether-1.1.0-1.18.1.jar
Uploaded by izofar
Uploaded Apr 8, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +2
Size 7.58 MB
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MD5 04f7299ca92e6d8b86bf081a659cacf6
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Java 17
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  • Soul stone is now the only base block for constructing the wither, as demonstrated in catacomb ribs


  • Music disc: “wither waltz” by izofar, added to the game, which generates in catacomb loot


  • Added the wither skeleton horse: a fire-immune, maxed-out variant of the skeleton horse
  • Piglin hunters can now spawn on wither skeleton horses in front of piglin manors
  • Piglin Prisoners admire gold items, and now pledge fealty to any player who gives them gold ingots, in addition to receiving potion buffs
  • Piglin prisoners now dance when broken out of prison
  • Warped endermen now spawn wither varying degrees of warp, and can now be sheared into normal enderman
  • Added custom sounds for warped endermen and the wex


  • Modified blackstone recipes to mirror overworld stone
  • Added stonecutting and crafting recipes for warped netherbrick blocks


  • Structures now spawn in biomes from other mods! Added integration for:
    • Better Nether Reforged (1.16.5)
    • Cinderscapes Reforged (1.16.5)
    • Infernal Expansion (1.16.5)
    • Incendium (1.18.2)
    • Amplified Nether (1.18.1+)
    • Biomes O’Plenty (1.X)
  • Adjusted generation of structures to be more common
  • Added new pieces to fortress generation
  • Added downstairs features to piglin manors
  • Polished generation and surrounding terrain


  • Added Advancements to be achieved by exploring Bygone Nether’s features