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About the Modcleaver

This is a mod that tries to implement a small level of realism related to animal meat, trying to be as faithful as possible to the Minecraft style
Likewise, it tries to give a little more use to some animals that have not been taken advantage of.
The goal is to include all animals that could be considered livestock

Features and Mechanics 


Currently adds up to 3 processes for each animal

1. meat hookhigh efficiency

         can be placed at the bottom of any solid block, it is used to place the animal carcasses so it can be cut into smaller parts


You must click secondary with a cleaver until you complete the process level (10 clicks)

accepted animals: Cow, Sheep, Goat, Pig, Hogilin, llama.



2. Roaster

         It is placed on any type of campfire, you can place the carcasses of animals to cook them completely

You must place the animal's carcass on the campfire and wait for it to cook. 
Accepted animals: cow, sheep, goat, pig. (chicken and rabbit planned)
once cooked, with right click with your hand



3. Any flat surface, low efficiency

          Any carcass can be placed on a solid surface and using the cleaver (any item with Knife tag), 

The chicken can be plucked with shears to obtain more feathers, use a shears on a strider to get strings



 Sub Products
Some by-products such as skin or fur can be processed into a rack and shears to obtain more items.


integrated compativility whit other mods
fortune drops

Fabric Port




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