4500+ instant structures ready to be placed in your world

Houses, Castles, Towers, Statues, Mansions, Redstone Constructions and many more categories are all available to explore on buildpaste.net. All builds can be easily placed in your world, either by using the Build Placer item or by using the simple /paste command. The builds load instantly and can be undoed if necessary

A new era of schematics

This mod introduces a new way of using schematics, or in this case 'builds'. The hassle of downloading a schematic, putting it into the correct schematics folder and finally figuring out how to paste it properly is now history. Simply select a build on the website and paste it instantly using the /paste command, or use the Build Placer to preview where to place it. All builds are stored in a database and load instantly, and you can even upload your own structures for anyone to use!

A showcase of some of the builds

Upload your own structures

If you want to you can also participate in the community and upload your own structures. Or, if you don't want to share it with everyone, you can share it with your friend by sending them the unique id or the link of one of your creations. When you publish a build, others can also give you feedback through comments.

How To Get Started

Getting started with BuildPaste is easy. You can use BuildPaste with or without an account, but it’s more convenient with an account because copying and pasting builds is much easier and you can also upload your own structures. To start, sign in to buildpaste.net and then add your Minecraft Name to your profile. After that, you can copy a build and type /paste and it will paste the build right in front of you. You can also watch this short YouTube tutorial: How To Get Started with Buildpaste

NOTE: This mod is only available for singleplayer

If you want to use it on a server, download the plugin. This works for Spigot, if you want to use it on a Forge server, use something like MohistMC in combination with the plugin

 Copy Minecraft Buildings from buildpaste.net:

Copy Builds

Paste Minecraft Buildings into your world:

Paste Builds

Upload Buildings:

Upload Builds


 Download as plugin: BuildPaste - Bukkit Plugins - CurseForge

 Download as plugin on spigotmc.org: BuildPaste | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft


Make sure that you are using the Java version of Minecraft.

1. Install Minecraft Forge
2. Download the BuildPaste Mod from this page
3. Put the BuildPaste Mod file into your mods folder