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Easily Copy, Paste, Upload and Share Builds!

BuildPaste is a Minecraft mod that makes it really easy to copy and paste structures into your world! It's as easy as clicking a button and typing /paste. You can also easily upload and share your builds with your friends or anyone else!

Where can I find the builds?

You can find all available builds on There are currently around 500 builds available, increasing every day, ranging from houses, towers and churches to working redstone machines, like flying machines or automatic farms!


How To Start: 

You can use BuildPaste with or without an account, but it's way more convenient with an account, because copying and pasting builds is much easier and you can also upload your own structures. To start, sign in to and then add your Minecraft Name to your profileAfter that, you can type /paste and it will paste a build right in front of you. Copying other builds is also fairly easy: Just click Copy on one. There are also online tutorials on how to start, you can find them below or on the YouTube Channel.


Can I Upload my own Builds?

Yes you can! There's a YouTube tutorial available, check it out here


Can I use it on a Server?

Yes, but this version won't work on a server. You have to use the plugin, if you want to use it on a Spigot/Bukkit server. In case you want to use it on a Forge server, then you can use MohistMC and the Spigot/Bukkit plugin.  There's a video showing that it works here.


 Copy Minecraft Buildings from

Copy Builds



Paste Minecraft Buildings into your world:

Paste Builds



Upload Buildings:

Upload Builds






 Download as plugin: BuildPaste - Bukkit Plugins - CurseForge

 Download as plugin on BuildPaste | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft



Make sure that you are using the Java version of Minecraft.

1. Install Minecraft Forge
2. Download the BuildPaste Mod from this page
3. Put the BuildPaste Mod file into your mods folder