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Uploaded Aug 14, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
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[3.5.0 - 1.16.1] - 2020-08-14

> Note Most of what has been noted here is also in the 3.4.0 release of Building Gadgets for 1.15 as I've mirrored the releases


  • Improved the Destruction Gadgets Gui to be more clear when an area is out of bounds.
  • Added 'out of' marker in the Contruction paste container item. You can now see the max size of the containers :D
  • Added zh_cn translations thanks to @EnterFor #475
  • Added a required items section to the template manager Gui which shows how many of which item you need for the template to be built.


  • Fixed Sliders being held even after clicking off of them #450
  • Fixed Undo crashing the game #450
  • Fixed Exchanger exchanging over effect block #450
  • Fixed Alpha rendering on the Builders and Exchangers overlays
  • Fixed Effect Block not registering it's render properly... #472
  • Fixed Copy Paste Gadgets rotation failing to rotate blocks correctly. #492
  • Fixed a translation issue with Binding and unbinding your Gadget to an inventory.
  • Fixed translation gaps in the translation files. #458
  • Fixed modes being all caps (part of #458)
  • Fixed crashing when an inventory cap is delayed or missing due to other mods. #461 #465 (actually fixed a bit ago but forgot to mention it in the changelog)


  • Added back the Bound Inventory highlight / overlay...
  • Added back tile entity render to the Exchanger and Builder overlays...
  • Migrated all registries over to DeferredRegister
  • Remove translation keys from the config (not required and half implemented)

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