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This mod allows you to build structures from json files. It needs OP permissions to function, because it uses /setblock and /fill. This mod is primarily made for reusing structures between worlds. The json files must be placed in .minecraft/builds or in the builds directory of the jar.


/build [name]

Finds the build file and build it. If the build is larger then 100 blocks, you will need to confirm it.


Confirms buiding a large structure


Removes an entire chunk.

JSON Syntax:

name: The name of your build

version: Format version, currently 1

maxx/maxz: Build size, needs to be set to the maximum value of x/z in your build.


    type: Type of the command, can be setblock or fill

    block: Block to place

    orientation: Orientation of the block

    x/y/z/x1/x2/y1/y2/z1/z2: Coordinates of the block/fill, can never be negative or bigger then maxx   or maxz


  "version": 1,
  "name": "Beacon",
  "maxx": 8,
  "maxz": 8,
  "build": [
    {"type": "fill", "x1": 0, "y1": 0, "z1": 0, "x2": 8, "y2": 0, "z2": 8, "block": "minecraft:iron_block"},
    {"type": "fill", "x1": 1, "y1": 1, "z1": 1, "x2": 7, "y2": 1, "z2": 7, "block": "minecraft:iron_block"},
    {"type": "fill", "x1": 2, "y1": 2, "z1": 2, "x2": 6, "y2": 2, "z2": 6, "block": "minecraft:iron_block"},
    {"type": "fill", "x1": 3, "y1": 3, "z1": 3, "x2": 5, "y2": 3, "z2": 5, "block": "minecraft:iron_block"},
    {"type": "setblock", "x": 4, "y": 4, "z": 4, "block": "minecraft:beacon"}




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