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(The 2.3.0 Update: When Critters Collide!, Adding: The Rat King, 4 Rat Variants, Mice, Hampsters (& Hampsters in Hampster-balls!), Hedgehogs, 2 Ferret Variants, Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons, & More!)

This Mod adds an assortment of pets (some tamable, while others capturable), referred to as: Buddies!, Along with the means to feed and care for them.
Meet the Buddies:

Haku (Leopard Geckos), Bearded Dragons, Green Anoles, Crested Geckos (4 variants), Cane Toads, Tree Frogs, Red-Footed Tortoises, Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons, Bettas (14 Variants), Hermit Crabs, Porcelain Crabs, Blue Crabs, Spider Crabs, The Rat King, Rats (4 variants), Mice, Hampsters (2 variants), Hedgehogs, Ferrets (2 variants), & Savannah (A unique cat)! (More info in the Buddies Guidebook!)


>>>Buddies Guidebook:
Crafted from 1 Book & 1 Banana Leaf. This book contains info on all Buddies, including: Diet, Habitat, and more. This book also includes info & recipes on: Bananas, Terrariums, and everything else.

A primary food source for many Buddies!, Crickets can be covered in Calcium Powder, to make them more appealing to select Buddies.
NOTE: Not all Buddies eat Crickets, so be sure to check the Buddies Guidebook for more info!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The 2.2.0 update added the Cricket Canister, a block that passively breeds crickets for the price of seeds! (JEI recommended for the crafting recipe)

 Cricket Canister GUI:Cricket Canister

Terrariums are blocks that have the ability to be decorated and/or waterlogged. This block makes it much easier to store your Buddies and use them as decorations. The recipes to Terrariums, and possible decorations (soon including Lids), can be found in the Buddies Guidebook.
NOTE: Mobs cannot jump while in a Terrarium.



>>>Bananas/Banana Trees:
Banana Trees can be found naturally scattered amongst jungles. Their Bananas can be obtained by either right-click, or by breaking them. Banana Bark (the logs) are used for multiple recipes, and for a new green wood-set! The Bananas can also be used for a variety of recipes, everything from Banana Mush Blocks to Honey Banana Sandwiches!NOTE: To grow your own Banana Trees, you'll need to break a Banana Tree Top for the Leaves (They act as saplings)!

Banana Blocks & Items:

Banana Blocks and Items

>>>Other Things:
This mod also adds: Animal Nets (for capturing Non-Tameable Buddies); and a few miscellaneous items.


<Lizards, Geckos, & Snakes>

Geckos & Lizards:

[Haku (Leopard Gecko)]



[Bearded Dragon]

Bearded Dragon


[Green Anole]

Green Anole


<Crested Geckos>(3 variants, referred to as 'Morphs'):

[White Lily Morph]

White Lily Morph


[Fire Morph]

Fire Morph


[Axanthic Morph]

Axanthic Morph



[Corn Snakes]

Corn Snakes


[Ball Pythons]

Ball Pythons


 <Tortoises & Amphibians>

Tortoises & Amphibians:
[Red-Footed Tortoises]

Red-Footed Tortoises


[Cane Toads (Background) & Tree Frogs (Foreground)]

Cane Toads and Tree Frogs




[Hermit Crabs]

Hermit Crabs


[Porcelain Crabs]

Porcelain Crabs


[Blue Crabs]

Blue Crabs


[Spider Crabs]

Spider Crabs


 <Mammals & Miscellany>

Mammals & Miscellany:


[Rat King & Rats (4 Variants: Albino, Patchy, Brown, & Black)]

The Rat King & his loyal subjects



[Hampsters (Yes, Hampsters... NOT Hamsters)]




[Ferrets (Sable Masked)]

Sable Masked Ferrets

[Ferrets (Albino)]

Albino Ferrets

[Savannah (New Cat Variant)]



[+Savannah Statue (Naturally spawns in the savannah biome)]

Savannah Statue

<Bettas (14 Variants!)>

[Bettas (Freely swimming)]

Bettas in the wild

[Bettas (In tanks; Bettas 1 through 14, from left to right)]

Bettas in tanks 1-14


Featured Video(s):
(Channel[Angelbee] ; Mod Version: 1.5.2(Forge 1.16.4/1.16.5) ; Timestamp: 5:17)
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[More Coming Soon...]
For sneak-peaks, news/updates, and access to me & my community!



If you'd like to support me & my mods, feel free to visit my Patreon Page! There's plenty of cool perks, and some neat goals I've set up!

[https://www.patreon.com/The_InDominicRex]Rex[You are welcome to use this mod in your videos, and modpacks, as long as you do not steal credit for it. It would be greatly appreciated if you gave me credit, but you don't have to.]

END RAIIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Tons of Axanthic Bois on a Boat