Bryte Mod

7,455 Downloads Last Updated: May 7, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Bryte Mod has everything to revamp your Minecraft experience!

The Bryte Mod changes the overall playing experience of Minecraft. Using the custom Bryte world type that will generate seven different biomes all filled with custom mobs, tree structures and ore, it's Minecraft but not as you know it. The entire mod is playable in survival due to the crafting recipes.

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Craftbook link:


  • Over 100 custom blocks, tools, items and armour; all craftable
  • Custom ores and crops
  • Custom potions
  • 8 different new mobs including bees and bugs
  • 7 custom biomes (with custom world type)
  • Custom 3d models
  • Edited vanilla textures and models
  • More to come!

Enjoy the Bryte Mod!

Check this awesome Bryte Mod showcase by TheMythicalSausage


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