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Broken Discs adds Disc Fragments to your game. They are used similar to the disc "5", to obtain music discs easier, and by more intuitive ways.

(btw I'm French, and the mod was made using Mcreator)

The mod adds a Disc Fragment for each vanilla Disc. They can be obtained by killing aggressive mobs, piglins and wandering trader. Each disc can be crafted using 9 fragments (except disc 11 only using 8)

- Aggressive mobs can drop all discs fragments except Pigstep (default chance of getting a fragment : 0.5%)

- Piglins will drop Pigstep discs (default chance of getting a fragment : 2%)

- Wandering Trader will drop "Far", "Otherside", "Pigstep", and "11" (default chance of getting a fragment : 80%)

You can add Disc Fragments to your mod, and they will be dropped if they are registered as
- "forge:disc_fragment_monsters" for monsters drop
- "forge:disc_fragment_piglin" for piglin drop
- "forge:disc_fragment_wandering_trader" for wandering trader drop
The probability for mobs to drop can be adjusted using the config file. 


Mods adding a compatibility:

- Redwolf's Music Expansion : "The Lost Soul" fragment, dropped by the Wandering Trader
- Unusual End (1.1.2 +) : "Flying Ships" fragment, dropped by the Wandering Trader

You can add this mod to your modpack or create addons

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