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This little mod add a new mob the the world of Minecraft, owls!

Created as part of the SpookyJam 2022.

Owls can be found in almost any biome containing trees, whilst they are mostly ambient creatures they do have a few cool features such as :


 - Different models and textures for adult and baby owls.

 - Eyes that glow in the dark.

 - Flying around looking for trees to perch on.

 - Shaking themselves dry when they get wet.

 - Hunting nearby rabbits.

 - Laying owl eggs.

 - Hooting, baby owls screech instead.

 - Owls will attack back in easy and hard mode if they or another owl nearby is attacked.


Raw rabbit will tempt owls and can be used to breed them, it will also speed up the growth of baby owls if fed to them.

Owl eggs can be thrown and have a random chance to spawn a baby owl.


Requires Forge - 1.19.2-43.1.1 

Requires GeckoLib - 1.19:3.1.9


 Please provide credit it you intend to make videos using the mod or add it to modpacks.