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Bountiful for Fabric

Bountiful is a mod centered around a single block called the Bounty Board, and items which appear within: Bounties!


**The Fabric version requires Kambrik and Fabric Language Kotlin!




Bounty boards can be found throughout the world in villages, and they'll generate bounties inside of them. These bounties often ask for you to bring back an item, or kill some mobs in return for whatever rewards they're offering. If you can complete the bounty, you just have to bring it back to the bounty board and right click the board to redeem your rewards!



There exists another item as well, called a Decree. A Decree determines what kind of bounties show up on a bounty board. For example, an Armorsmith's Decree makes it so that objectives and rewards related to armor show up on the board (leather, iron, chestplates, boots, etc). You can have up to three decrees on a bounty board at once, and it will mix and match objectives and rewards from all three when new bounties appear!

You can find new Decrees as rewards for certain bounties, or make your own. Crafting your own will create a random decree when

Bounty Tiers

Just like items, bounties can have different tiers of rarity. Some bounty rewards are more rare than others, and bounties with higher rarity have a better chance of having these more rare rewards! Rarity follows the same pattern as in vanilla: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic (with a Legendary tier added on..)


All bounty boards have their own value associated with them called "Reputation". As you turn in more bounties, this number goes up! The higher the reputation, the more often rare bounties show up on the bounty board. Some bounty rewards may not even show up until you reach high enough reputations.


Currently, I've added some support for some items from different Fabric mods. Feel free to suggest compat with other Fabric mods (but I may be stingy! For example: I'm not likely to add compat with items that involve a lot of time to craft, since it may break progression for some modpacks).

I plan on adding more in the future!


I originally made this mod so that I could be given some goals to accomplish, which would stave off boredom. It gives players something to do when they're bored, and a fun way to incentivize crafting items they'd otherwise maybe not be making!


Until the wiki is complete, you can get help on my Discord server.


AkiShirai, for the wonderful bounty board block art.