Bounding Box Outline Reloaded

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Filename BBOutlineReloaded-1.0.14-1.14.4-fabric.jar
Uploaded by IrtiPlays
Uploaded Dec 1, 2019
Game Version Fabric
Size 161.29 KB
Downloads 1,163
MD5 8ca5b784b8afe9b20a27c95cb6d07567
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


Requires Fabric Modloader


  • Rendering of village structures
  • Simplified OptiFine side-by-side setup
  • Spawning spheres and spawnable spaces highlighting using /bbor:spawningSphere command
  • Auto-complete on /bbor: commands
  • Handle response from /seed command (useful for OP who can't install mod on server)
  • Add client side custom bounding boxes using /bbor:box command
  • Add client side beacon bounding boxes using /bbor:beacon command
  • Change keyboard support:- b = show/hide boxes b + o = toggle outline mode b + g = open gui
  • Render biome borders


  • Possible parameter error on server startup
  • Launcher profile corruption
  • Fix mismatch error on Forge
  • Spawn chunks calculation on 1.14.4