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Bouncier Beds


Requires the library mod Collective. 

   This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.

Bouncier Beds is a mod which makes beds a little more fun and useful. With the mod you'll be able to bounce 20 blocks up by default. Though you can change this in the config. Bounce around with your friends or have that hidden room high up which you can only reach with a bouncy bed. Have some fun!

Fall damage is by default on the bed block. This'll allow you to bounce as high as you want without having to worry... as long as you land on the bed again.

bedsPreventFallDamage (default = true): Whether beds should prevent fall damage when a player lands on them. It's recommended to keep this enabled if you have lots of bounciness.
bedBounciness (default = 1.5, min 0.0, max 100.0): The modifier of how much a bed bounces. A value of 2.0 makes the player jump around 30 blocks. A value of 100.0 makes the player jump around 4500 blocks.

Some GIFs:

More bounciness!


You may freely use this mod in any modpack, as long as the download remains hosted within the CurseForge ecosystem.

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