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The Botanical Autonomy Mod!

I love Botania and find I want to do things from other mods with just Botania, so I'm adding in bits and pieces here and there.  Most of these features will require the elven resources so will be mid to late game Botania additions.

Current Features

  • Dreamwood Avatar - upgraded avatar that can interact with the world. Think of a more mystical, mana oriented autonomous activator.
  • Rod of Will - Rod that the dreamworld avatar can use to right click blocks
  • Rod of Toil - Rod that the dreamworld avatar can use to left click blocks.

Planned Features

  • Ability to pair the rods to a generic item so it can be used to right/left click with.
  • Ability to speed up the rods or have them interact farther away.


This mod requires my library mod, Nibbler.


Credit goes to Vazkii for making Botania and inspiring me and literally making this mod possible seeing as it's an addon!

Use in Modpacks

Please do add this mod to your modpack! I only ask you let me know on Twitter: @oneandonlyflexo. Hashtag optional


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Botaunomy is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA-SA 4.0 License
Copyright (C) 2017 Jeremy Grozavescu <oneandonlyflexo>


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