Please note that I will not produce this mod for 1.14 at any time in the foreseeable future.


Botania Tweaks is a mod that patches up Botania. Inside, there's quality-of-life tweaks, configurability tweaks, tweaks for modpack makers, silly tweaks, and more!


Balance Tweaks

  • Set the passive decay timer to anything you want... as long as it's shorter than the default value.
  • Choose additional flowers to experience passive decay. Even flowers that aren't passive!
  • Set different decay times per-flower.
  • Nerf or buff the FE output of the Mana Fluxfield, to match your modpack's FE ecosystem.
  • Change the damage of the Key of the King's Law.
  • Force the Orechid to run with Garden of Glass costs, even in normal worlds. This is really OP btw.
  • Buff the mana output of the Rosa Arcana, when it picks up XP orbs.
  • Nerf or buff the mana output from manastorm charges.
  • Make the Entropinnyum flower only accept vanilla TNT.
  • Make the Entropinnyum flower reject TNT from a TNT duplicator device.
  • "Advanced Mode" Crafty Crate: make the crafty crate use mana, in a strange way.
  • "Advanced Hard Mode" Crafty Crate: very strict mana input requirements; extremely difficult to automate without wasting tons of mana.
  • "Advanced Mode" Spectrolus, which scrambles the color order every time you get the flower.

Packmaker Tweaks

  • "Unlock" the petal apothecary, allowing any items to be accepted in your recipes.
  • Create your own Terrestrial Agglomeration recipes, with custom multiblocks, particle colors, and even multiblock transformations. JEI support included! Learn how to do it.
  • Create your own Lexica Botania pages for these custom agglomeration recipes. Learn how to do it.
  • Use NBT-aware item matching logic in the Petal Apothecary and Runic Altar.
  • Change the size of the Guilty Mana Pool.
  • Change the enchantment power of Botania pylons relative to bookshelves.
  • Two advancement triggers that all players will earn once a certain amount of mana has been generated, with an optional restriction as to the flower type. Learn how to do it.
  • Enable the "click on water to create water bowls" mechanic, even without needing a Garden of Glass world.

Stupid Tweaks

  • Potted Tiny Potato. You can put the tiny potato in a flower pot. It's very cute.
  • Galactic Potato. It's an octuple compressed tiny potato. A whole meter wide, and rainbow color. Also very cute.
  • Sheep can eat custom Botania grasses, like they can with regular grass.

Quality of Life Tweaks

  • Automate crafting Ender Air, with a Dispenser in the End dimension.
  • Automatically place Corporea Sparks and decorate them with Floral Powder, when you place blocks like corporea funnels, corporea crystal cubes, etc. Never forget a Corporea Spark again!

Mod Compat Tweaks

  • If Avaritia 1.1x is present, a Dire Crafty Crate will be added: it's a nine-by-nine Crafty Crate, able to craft all your favorite Extreme Crafting Recipes.
  • If Extended Crafting is present, four Extended Crafty Crates will be made available: ranging from 3x3 all the way to 9x9, they are able to craft all your favorite Extended Crafting Table recipes.
  • If JEI is present, the corporea hotkey now works on bookmarks (backported fix from 1.14)
  • Harvest AgriCraft crops with the Horn of the Wild, just like in 1.7. Doot doot! Agricraft implements this all by itself now, so I removed it! :D
  • Tweaks that work on all functional flowers from Botania also work on the Petro Petunia from Floralchemy.
  • Please note that ExtraBotany is not and will never be supported


All tweaks default to off unless enabled in the config.

This mod is free, copyleft software, under the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0. In short, you are free to copy, modify, and share this software, on any website (including Curse), publicly or privately, provided that your changed version is made available under the same terms. You are also free to use this mod in any modpack, with any license you wish (so don't ask! :D)


Portions of this mod use code modified from Botania (Botania License) and Gotta Go Fast (MIT). Learn more on the Github repository.


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