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Borealis Expansion
    A technical mod that allows you to work with dark energy. Explore the bowels of the earth to find new ore, mine it with a drilling rig, wash dirty crystals in a washing machine, which will allow you to get crystals from which you can create various items, improvements and mechanisms.


Статья по моду на русском
Обзор мода на русском языке:


Do need additional mods to work?
     For the mod to work, you need to install the StrangeLib mod. 


Use in modpack?

    You can use this mod in any modpack.


Additional links:

    Discord server where you can report errors and crashes or leave your suggestions.

    If you like BorealisExpansion and want to support the mod and me in my modding endeavours, you can become a patron on Patreon.


  • CraftTweaker integration.

 You can call the Mixer package using <mods.borealisexpansion.mixer>
Recipe addition
   //mixer.addRecipe(IItemStack inputLeft, IItemStack inputRight, IItemStack output, int time, int power);
     mixer.addRecipe(<minecraft:diamond>, <minecraft:grass>, <minecraft:apple>, 10, 10);
Recipe removal
   //mixer.removeRecipe(IItemStack output);

   //mixer.removeRecipe(IItemStack input1, IItemStack input2);
    mixer.removeRecipe(<minecraft:diamond>, <minecraft:dirt>);
Dark Furnace
 You can call the Dark Furnace package using <mods.borealisexpansion.dark_furnace>
Recipe addition
    //dark_furnace.addRecipe(IItemStack input, IItemStack outputResource, IItemStack outputCatalyst, byte catalystChance, int time, int power);
      dark_furnace.addRecipe(<minecraft:diamond>, <minecraft:grass>, <minecraft:planks>, byte catalystChance, 40, 10);

Recipe removal
   //dark_furnace.removeRecipe(IItemStack input);

 You can call the Duplicator package using <mods.borealisexpansion.dublicator>
Recipe addition
   //dublicator.addRecipe(IItemStack input, int chanceSecondDrop, int chanceThirdDrop, int time, int power);
     dublicator.addRecipe(<minecraft:diamond>, 50, 15, 100, 1);

Recipe removal
   //dublicator.removeRecipe(IItemStack input);
 You can call the Washing package using <mods.borealisexpansion.washing>
Recipe addition
   //washing.addRecipe(IItemStack input, IItemStack output);
      washing.addRecipe(<minecraft:grass>, <minecraft:dirt:1>);

Recipe removal
   //washing.removeRecipe(IItemStack input);