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Borderblocks adds character classes with skill trees and action skills, similar to the Borderlands games. Additional items may be added in the future. I do not plan to add classes based directly on classes from any Borderlands game. The planned classes are more-or-less original, and designed to fit in the Minecraft world.

The mod is currently in an early alpha state, meaning that much of the content is missing. There are currently just two character classes (four are currently planned), and both have incomplete skill trees. The mod is playable, and you should not lose progress (such as XP or skill points) between updates. Changing classes and refunding skill points is currently free.

 Reporting Bugs and Suggesting Features

Use the issue tracker! Do not report bugs in the comments section. The comments section is okay for questions and minor suggestions.


  • Silent Lib 2.3.0+ and Java 8 or higher
  • Minecraft 1.12.2 with a recent version of Forge

Future Plans

I am still not entirely sure what direction I want to go with the mod. So far I am focusing on skills and character classes. Equipment will likely come later on, I have no idea how I want to implement that. I also want to add some sort of quest system. Suggestions of any kind are always welcome.

Development will take a long time. I am maintaining several other mods and this is a big project. Currently the mod is in alpha, and I can't say when a full release will happen. Probably not during 1.12.2.


The scavenger's skill trees, as of version 0.1.0.

In order to gain skills, you must first choose a character class. Press the "open skill tree" key (default is K) to select a class. The next time you press the key, it will open the skill tree GUI instead. Two classes are currently available, with at least four planned.


Your class determines your action skill and available skills. Action skills can be upgraded with "progression relics". See the section on progression tiers below.


The scavenger specializes in collecting resources. Your action skill is Makeshift Multi-Tool, which gives you a temporary tool that can mine anything a pickaxe, shovel, or axe can. Harvest level and speed is based on your progression tier. Speed is generally very high.


The siren has the Phase Barrier action skill. Phase Barrier will place an unbreakable barrier at the point your are looking at. The barrier radius is based on your progression tier. You can walk through the barrier, but mobs cannot. The barrier does not last very long, but it would be enough to get away from a mob you do not want to deal with. Or you could hide in the barrier yourself if you just need a few seconds to heal.

Known Issues
  • Barriers will sometimes not form correctly, very rarely. Seems to be chunk-specific. Malformed barriers should still remove themselves.
  • Barriers fail to disappear if you leave an SSP world while they are active.
  • You cannot target entities, only blocks.


Skills are something you can invest skill points into. They can give stat bonuses, alter action skills, and much more. Skills are arranged in "skill trees". Each character will have three skill trees (currently just two). After putting one point into your action skill, you can invest points in the first tier (top level) of each skill tree. Put five points into any skill(s) in one tree, and you can access the next tier.

If you want to refund your skill points, click the "Respec" button. Currently it's free to use, but will likely have some small cost later on.

Some skills may not be implemented yet, or may be placeholders.

  • If the icon is an X, it's a placeholder. It does nothing and will be replaced eventually.
  • If it does not have a localized description (you'll see something like "skill.borderblocks:something.desc1"), it likely doesn't do anything yet.
  • The frowny face icon :( is a placeholder icon, but the skill should work if it has a description.


How to gain XP and level up

XP (not to be confused with vanilla's enchanting XP!) can be gained by killing things, mining blocks, or earning advancements. Gain enough XP, and you gain a level. Kill XP is based on the entity's max health. Block XP is based on hardness (time it takes to mine) in most cases, with larger values assigned to ores. Advancement XP is set per advancement for vanilla and Borderblocks. Advancements with no set value are based on the advancement's "frame".

Note on HUD elements

I currently replace the vanilla enchanting XP bar and level text with the XP/level from Borderblocks. Your enchanting level is displayed to the left of the XP bar (the small green number). When you reach multiple-of-5 levels, the vanilla XP bar will display for a short time.

How to gain skill points

Skill points are determined by your level. Currently, you gain your first skill point at level 3, then another for every level after that. A config for first skill point level and max level will be added later.

Progression Tier

Borderblocks adds items called progression relics which upgrade your action skill. Currently, progression relics are crafted, then you right-click to use them and increase your progression tier. Your progression tier is reset if you change classes.


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