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Bookshelf is a library mod that aims to improve the experience of creating and maintaining Minecraft content. Bookshelf contains a collection of code, frameworks, utilities, and other resources that I have put together over the years. The Bookshelf library is trusted by millions of players and is used by over 42,000 projects!

Why use a library mod?

Library mods like Bookshelf offer many benefits for players and mod developers. The biggest benefit is that they allow seemingly unrelated mods to share some of the same code. This reduces the amount of time required to create and maintain certain mods or features. Library mods are also tested in a wide range of circumstances and communities which can lead to less bugs and better performance.

Features for Players

Bookshelf adds several new commands that can help you develop and debug packs. For example the hand command will tell you more about a held item and even give you the JSON necessary to use it in a datapack recipe. The font command is another useful command that can help you change the font used by items, books, signs, and other blocks. We also add new datapack features like durability based recipes, and load conditions. We're always adding new features and you can read about them on our docs!

Features for Modders

Bookshelf adds many useful features for modders such as expanded Codecs, content registration, and cross-loader events. We also have a wealth of utility functions and helpers for things like EXP related calculations. You can learn more on our GitHub page or from our docs.


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