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Bonsai Trees is a farming mod that adds a crop for each type of (vanilla) tree.

This mod allows you to grow crop-based trees that produce bonsai clippings, which can be crafted into sticks and each wood variant.

This mod is compatible with the Immersive Engineering Cloche!


saplings & sticks


Getting Started

To get started with Bonsai Trees you'll need to craft some Bonsai Cutters:



Then you can use the Cutters to get Bonsai Saplings from any Vanilla Minecraft Sapling:

sapling recipe


Once a bonsai tree is fully grown it can be harvested like any standard Crop, you'll get some unique cuttings that match the type of tree.


You can use 2 of any of these cuttings to craft 4 sticks:

sticks recipe


Crafting 4 of any type of stick in the top left of the crafting grid will give you 1 plank block of the matching wood type:

planks recipe