398 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 11, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

BonFire is a mod aimed as a survival utilities mod.


Version 1.0:


- Campfire  It has a 5% possibility to turn off every tick, but while it is lit you can cook all food including beetroot and rabbit stew! If it is raining and it has access to the sky then it will turn off.



Special Recipes:

= Beetroot+Bowl - Beetroot Soup
= Raw Rabbit+Mushroom Stew - Rabbit Stew

= Rotten Flesh - Leather


Golden Campfire   It has a 1% possibility to turn off every tick. You can't cook the same things as Campfire.



Special recipes:

= Carrot - Golden Carrot
= Apple - Golden Apple
= Potato+Gold Nugget - Golden Potato
= Melon - Glistering Melon
= Pumpkin Seed+Wheat - Pumpkin Pie


Golden Potato  It is very saturating and gives you strenght. If you dont use the Golden Campfire then it takes 8 golden nuggets to craft it.



Falllands  It is a biome and it is made of Gravel and Sand.

ClayStone  It is a biome and it is made of Clay and Stone.



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