Hello! Have you ever been bothered because of a lack of something in Minecraft? Lack of variety? Well I was, and that is why you are looking at this page. I was bothered that something as simple as food had almost no variety in Minecraft. So I set out to change that. That was my goal in making Bobo's Supermarket. Currently, Supermarket has over 10 thousand downloads at the time of writing this. I never thought I would make it this far. And all of it is thanks to you, because of your feedback and support. I couldn't be here without it, truly.


This mod is currently released for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2 and 1.7.10.




Crafting recipes:

Scrambled Eggs:



Chinese food:



Cut from the mod as of June 16th 2017 due to MCreator crash issues.


Cheeseburger (note that this recipe is bugged and will not work on some MC versions):

Bowl of Rice:



Soy Sauce:


Bagel (due to a bug, this recipe may not work on some minecraft versions):

Donut (has the same bug as the bagel, where it may not work on some MC versions):



Chocolate Ice Cream:

Vanilla Ice Cream:

Ice Cream Cone:

Beef Jerky:

Mashed potatoes:



"Can I use this in my modpack?"

Yes. I don't care if it's public or private, you can include it. Just don't claim you made it.

In fact, you can do whatever you really want, excluding hosting my mod on another site, or claiming you created the mod.

This mod was created with MCreator mod creator.




Minecraftforum has been archived, but still has some useful information, so go check out the official MinecraftForum page.


Here is some of the foods/plants in the mod, in item frames:


Foods in the mod as of the Alpha 1.5 (Thanksgiving day) patch:

 - Scrambled eggs

 - Cheese

 - Dumplings

 - Chinese Food

 - Pizza

 - Cheeseburger

 - Rice bowl

 - Taco

 - Chicken nugget

 - Soy sauce

 - Sushi

 - Bagel

 - Donut

 - Coffee

 - Chocolate

 - Ice Cream

 - Chocolate Ice Cream

 - Vanilla Ice Cream

 - Ice cream cones

 - Beef Jerky

 - Mashed potatoes

  - Turkey


And the following plants:

 - Soy

 - Vanilla

 - Rice