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📖 About:

Blueprint is a mod library developed for easily accessing code which is shared across most Team Abnormals mods, It comes with many useful features, such as a registry helper, data syncing, and the Endimator animation API.

📦 Our Mods:

💻 For Developers:

This guide should only be used if you are a developer wanting to using Blueprint in your mod. If you're a player, you may disregard this guide.
Adding Blueprint to your mod is quite simple! First off you need to add Blueprint as a dependency to access the library in code. To do so, add the following into your build.gradle:

repositories {
maven {
url = "https://maven.jaackson.me"

dependencies {
implementation fg.deobf("com.teamabnormals:blueprint:<version>")

Next you need to add it as a dependecy on Forge to make your mod require Blueprint when loading. In your mods.toml add the following block to the file:

modId = "blueprint"
mandatory = true
versionRange = "[<version>,)"
ordering = "BEFORE"
side = "BOTH"

Replace <version> in the examples above with the version on you want. For example, 1.17.1-4.0.0 will give us blueprint-1.17.1-4.0.0.jar. The example for the mods.toml is targeting the version selected and any versions beyond. If you want to target it differently, you may want to read up on the mods.toml spec.