Blue Skies

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Filename blue_skies-1.12.2-v1.1.0.jar
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Uploaded May 1, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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⚡ Update: Blue Skies 1.12.2-v1.1.0 Release

Content and patch updates such as new blocks and items and a new Sunset Maple Forest biome to the Everdawn dimension. Blue lore book has also been updated a bunch and new sounds and music was added. Check out the full changelog.

- Fixed issues with villages.
- Added 2 new songs, "Brightlands", and "Baneful"
- Added new Frostbitten Forest biome to the Everbright
- Added new Sunset Maple Forest biome to the Everdawn
- Added new weather effects, sounds and fog can be disabled in the in-game config
- Added damage caps to bosses
- Buffed the Alchemist to use fire arrows in phase 2
- Gave the Summoner it's own custom lighting
- Nerfed the Summoner a bunch
- Added farmland
- Added new vine types
- Added Maple wood type, with all decor blocks
- Added Frostbright wood type, with all decor blocks
- Added new packed ice Frost Spirit type, it has a higher armor value
- Added Crynocerous, a stronger Frost Spirit variant, it will have new sounds in the future.
- Villages generate with proper farmland
- Retextured villagers
- Added Shoveler villager type, it cleans up snow in the Brightlands
- Added venison
- Added Crystal Camel, it can be tamed and saddled, they can also be tamed with corn (W.I.P.)
- Made Reindeer tameable with carrots
- Cosmic Fox is now tameable with nectarines, it does not have a special ability yet
- Cosmic Fox now has a special glow
- Zombie Villages now have proper professions
- Added new crops; Corn, Cabbage, Cryo-root, Green Beans, Peanut, and Tomato
- Bosses cannot be hurt with extended range weapons
- Added Blaze Bud flower.
- Added new Venom Spider mob, it shoots venom when distant
- Azulfos now herd together
- Changed the Sunrise color in the Everdawn, it's more pinkish
- Horizonite tools now are mod compatible
- Gave the Ethereal, Dusk, and Runic arcs abilities
- Blue Lore book got a massive update
- Grasses look normal in foreign dimensions
- Added Illager boss music, the other bosses will have different songs (Can be disabled in the config)
- New advancements
- Cosmic Fox fur
- Decreased spawnrate of the Gatekeeper huts
- Added ladders for all wood types
- Made biomes larger