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Filename BloodMagic-1.12.2-2.4.1-103-api.jar
Uploaded by TehNut
Uploaded May 19, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 e3e4c288ed6383d0035c9c90580535a7
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Version 2.4.1:

Nut was too lazy to create a changelog, it's AEon's turn now!
Changes made from Feb 02 - now (Fill end date in later)

Living Armor:
    - Fixed "Soft Fall" not preventing damage
    - "Nocturnal Prowess" should not flash anymore
    - "Trickshot" now ignores HurtResistanceTime
    - "Trickshot" now works properly with sentient arrows
    - "Step Assist" does not take effect while sneaking

Sentient Bow:
    - Fixed Destructive Will arrows exploding continuously
    - Fixed Tipped Arrows getting improved even if no Will can be used

    - Buffed "Sigil of the Fast Miner" to be in accordance to the "Sanguine Scientium"
    - Fixed a bug where "Sigil of the Fast Miner" would also cause the whirlwind effect
    - Added "Whirlwind" to the potion registry
    - Fixed broken Sigil tooltip formatting
    - Fixed Sigil of Holding not updating some Sigil data, allowing for exploits
    - Greatly improved "Sigil of Compression" performance
    - Fixed "Sigil of Compression" bug that would eat leftover items (usually everything between 55 and 64 items for a 3x3 compression)

    - Ported Veil of Evil & Ward of Sacrosanctity
    - Fixed "Serenade of the Nether" replacing lava source blocks with lava (fixed underlying function to detect flowing liquids)
    - Added configurability to Ritual of the High Jump by modifying a new ritual area with the Ritual Tinkerer

    - Fixed routing node oredict filter (crashes)
    - Fixed mimic vanishing in some cases
    - Fixed "Blood Letter's Pack" and "Coat of Arms" always being used in the main hand slot (action bar/hotbar)
    - Stop insertions into Demon Crucible if the inventory is not empty
    - Fixed abnormal deaths at your own hands through the sacrificial dagger (hopefully) (Gravestone bugginess)
    - Fixed "Unmending" mod incompatibility
    - Fixed Teleposers crashing the game if someone force-fed it junk
    - added Nut being angery at contributors for messing stuff up
    - Added some Russian language strings for the guide book
    - Added repair recipes for Sentient Tools & Living Armor to JEI

Technical Stuff no player cares about:
    - Formatted Project code
    - Fixed BlockState parsing (mimic vanishing)
    - Fixed some and streamlined ritual block ranges
    - Mystery drain still mysterious
    - Use TextFormatting rather than color codes in block lang names
    - Fixed world unload crash (may happen if a world is loaded by world generators or JEI Resource graphing)
    - Fixed `/bloodmagic network get` command
    - Added translation keys for tickethistory command help strings

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