Blood Magic

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Oct 9, 2014

Owner: WayofTime

Version 2.4.0:

Hai, hai, Nut desu~

It's been a while, eh? Some of you may be asking yourself "whats up with bloodmagic" like that damned recon on a certain
social media site. Well here's what's up: put something snarky here when done writing changelog

There's so much here, I'm probably going to miss some. Here's a general overview from just skimming commit titles.

Much of this was done via PR because I'm ~~lazy~~ too busy having fun with Fabric.

- Fixed harvest moon not working with pumpkins
- [API] Added a way to unregister an altar component
- Moved anything related to Tier 6 behind an opt-in config. Please stop asking me how to get it.
- Fixed small demon stone bricks recipe so it returns 4 instead of 1
- Ported some old rituals from 1.7
    - Cry of the Eternal Soul
    - Reverence of the Condor
    - Ritual of the Feathered Earth
- Added a new ritual, Ritual of Grounding
- Optimized bound tool harvesting
- Fixed render issues with demon crystals
- Fixed Hymn of Syphoning not updating some tanks visually
- Added very basic documentation for several rituals to the guide book
- Made meteor costs for Mark of the Falling Tower configurable in the meteor json
- Fluid related sigils should now work identically to buckets of the fluid
- Fixed ritual tinkerer area setting behaving wonkily
- Fixed Seer Sigil not working for incense altars
- Added the ability to buff movement and updraft arrays by providing more of their ingredient
- Ported the ritual dismantler from 1.7.10
- Logic fix for the Solar Powered
    - Now it requires a clear line of sight to the sky as well as it being day time
- Fixed Sigil of Magnetism AOE being offset from the player
- Rewrote commands
    - They're different in some way, some how
    - Don't ask me how
- Quality of life improvements for the ritual tinkerer
- Changed the activation crystal levels of some rituals to use the awakened crystal
    - Mark of the Falling Tower
    - All the living armor ones
    - It's late and I'm tired don't hate me for being too lazy to look up their names
- Fixed up some bounding boxes for some blocks with fancier models
- Sentient Bow now properly handles modded and potion-ified arrows

I can't wait for this to turn out to be very broken so I can yell at the contributor :>