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The description of the mod is currently outdated as it refers to the 1.16 version and not the newer 1.18 version













The Mod:



 This mod is heavily inspired by the by the game Bloodborne by FromSoftware and aims to bring into Minecraft all kinds of weapons, enemies and other elements from the game and more.

As it stands right now the mod adds several new weapons with different stats and some with unique abilities, plus several enemies with custom animations and attack patterns, together with 3 powerful bosses. In the future more enemies, bosses and weapons will be added into the mod together with new biomes, structures and dimensions and new better models for the current weapons that lack that.


The world has been infected by the Scourge of the Beasts, an highly infective sickness that turns men into horrible beasts with a super-human strenght and an enormous lust for blood. Try to survive in this hostile environment fighting unsightly beasts, fellow humans turned crazy by the scourge and immensely powerful beings from the cosmos.






The Weapons:



Trick Weapons:

The major group of weapons in this mod is Trick Weapons. Trick Weapons are special weapons with high versatility that are characterized by their ability to be transformed into a secondary form with different stats and special abilities:

The Trick Weapons currently in the mod are:

>Saw Cleaver

>Church Pick


>Threaded Cane: a common steel cane that can be turned into a sharp whip that can hit multiple enemies with very fast speed

>Beast Cutter: in it's first form a strong machete-like weapon, can be turned into a long heavy whip-sword that can hit multiple enemies at a far distance, slower than the threaded cane

>Rakuyo: an elegant sword with a short dagger under the handle that can be detatched to permit dual-wielding and increasing the speed of the weapon

>Whirligig Saw: a small mace in one form, can be attached to a big rotating saw that can hit enemies infront of the player multiple times when revving

>Rifle Spear: a spear with a gun attached that can be used in it's second form

>Reiterpallash: a short sword with a gun attached that can be used in it's second form, faster than the rifle spear but dealing less damage

>Simon's Bowblade: a fast sword in a form, can be turned into a very strong bow that will consume quicksilver bullets like the guns

>Boom Hammer: in its first form a normal hammer, can be ignited into its second form to explode in fire on the enemies to deal higher damage, this will make the weapon go pack to it's first form

>Chikage: in its second form it gains a longer blade made of blood and wil deal massive damage, at the cost of the health of the user

>Burial Blade: a short blade that can be attached to a long handle to become a very powerful scythe that can hit multiple enemies at a far distance, currently no recipe

>Blade of Mercy: a short fast dagger that can be split into two smaller daggers with a very fast speed, currently no recipe







Another group of weapons is composed by guns and symilar tools, these weapons will consume Quicksilver Bullets and can be used to attack enemies from range. Their bullets are very valuable because of their rarity and will deal less damage than melee weapons will do.

The guns currently in the mod are:

>Hunter's Pistol: shoots one single bullet, fast recovery

>Hunter's Blunderbuss: shoots a large number of bullets, deals more damage than the pistol but it's slower and has a lot less range

>Flame Sprayer: shoots a large spray of flames that deal fire damage and set enemies on fire

>Handheld Cannon: still a work in progress, will be fully implemented in the future, shoots strong cannonballs that can hit multiple enemies in a large area



Other Items:

>Blood Vial: consumable item used for healing

>Quicksilver Bullet: ammo for guns, craftable from a new mineral found underground, mercury soaked stone

>Molotov Cocktail: dropped from enemies, throw it for a fire explosion, effective against beasts





All Weapons can be crafted using Hardened Steel, a special material crafted with 3 iron ingots, one golden nugget and 5 pieces of Thick Coldblood, a special material that will be dropped by all kinds of enemies, in a quantity dependant on their strenght. Hardened Steel can be used to craft different weapon components that can then be combined into strong weapons.









Upgrade System:

All weapons can be upgraded up to level +10 inside of the Hunter Workshop, using, blood stone shards, twin shards, chunks and a rock,  materials dropped from strong enemies,  increasing of damage every level:



The level system works this way:

>3 Blood Stone Shards for a +1 weapon

>5 Blood Stone Shards for a +2 weapon

 >8 Blood Stone Shards for a +3 weapon

>3 Twin Blood Stone Shards for a +4 weapon

>5 Twin Blood Stone Shards for a +5 weapon

 >8 Twin Blood Stone Shards for a +6 weapon

>3 Blood Stone Chunks for a +7 weapon

>5 Blood Stone Chunks for a +8 weapon

 >8 Blood Stone Chunks for a +9 weapon

>1 Blood Rock for a +10 weapon














The Enemies:


The mod currently introduces different kinds of enemies, with a lot more coming in the future.







This group is made of very strong creatures that will roam your world at night and in the dark places, they come in a great variety, there there are those that are already been implemented:


>Beast Patients:

     The weakest of the beasts roaming the world, they come in three variants:

          -Male Beast Patients: fast and dangerous, often spawn in groups

          -Female Beast Patients: slower compared to their male counterparts but dealing a lot more damage, they can recognized by the cloak they wear

          -Ashen Blood Beast Patients: bigger and stronger than other beast patients, they have glowing red eyes and can poison the enemy. When spotting the player they will scream making all nearby beast                        patients and scourge beasts more powerful, granting them red eyes and the ability to poison the player themselves











>Scourge Beasts:

      The strongest of the common beasts you'll encounter in your journey, they come in different variants. Currently the implemented variants are Scourge Beasts and their nether counterpart, the Skeletal Scourge         Beasts, slightly stronger than the normal version













      Very strong beasts that only spawn in deserts and other hot biomes. They are very fast and dangerous, they can hit the player in melee as well as spit flames onto them. When under a certain amount of 













Huntsmen are villager-like enemies that spawn at night on the surface to hunt beasts as well as strangers like you. They will attack also monsters (except creepers). They will spawn in large groups but they are personally pretty weak in comparison to other enemies. With them there will often be rabid dogs, very fast and very dangerous.





Together with them there exist stronger versions, in a more advanced stage of the illness of beastiality:



Large Huntsmen:

Brick Troll:


















Miscellaneous creatures:

This group includes mobs that can't really be classified together with other enemies


>Carrion Crows:

By far among the weakest hostile creatures in the mod, they rarely spawn on the surface in large groups, they are very slow but when a player comes near them they will start flying towards attacking them very fast. Falling into a large group of them can be fatal









>Wandering Madness:

They are not hostile to the player but will try to run away from them. They drop valuable resources on death but if you follow them without caution you could find yourself facing dangerous enemies





 The Bosses:

This mod adds 3 bosses for now, with way more coming in the future, for now they will very rarely spawn aat night or in the dark but in the future custom structures will be implemented where you can fight them. They drop valuable resources.



 >Cleric Beast:

  A very strong beast, it has three different attacks, the most powerful being a strong slam on the ground raising a large amount of particles and damaging enemies in a large area, followed by a larger slam when it    will raise the arm from the ground a small amount of time later. It can sometimes leap very high into the air above the target, to then attack after reaching the ground.











>Father Gascoigne:

 Once a hunter of beasts, the scourge took him and turned him into a deraged, crazy old man on the brink of beasthood. Armed with an axe and a blunderbuss, he can switch between the one hand and the longer   two hand mode of his axe. He will try to hit the player with the axe and will shoot at them with the blunderbuss. Craft the Music Box to stun him for some seconds in which you can heal or take the opportunity to   deal larger amounts of damage to him. After going under 50% of his health he will go into his stun animation for some seconds after which he will turn into a beast causing an explosion that will throw the player   away if too close. In it's beast form he is faster and stronger but can still be stunned using the music box. He will now have three attacks: a short range punch, a longer range kick and sometimes he will slam into   the ground damaging enemies in a larger area around him.



















>Blood Starved Beast:

 A dangerous beast in search of blood. Under 2/3 of health it will start poisoning the player with its attacks, under 1/3 of health it will start to inflict the poison of the player just by standing near them.
















Known compatibility issues:

-weapons won't transform with Better Third Person installed, if the player is in third person

-threaded cane and beastcutter won't make their animations when used with Epic Fight Mod