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Filename blockbuster-1.4.8-1.11.2.jar
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Uploaded May 22, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
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Patch update. This update is focused on bringing McME into the mod itself. Why integrating model editor in the mod? Because this will increase productivity of making custom models. When you edit models in the game, you'll have instant feedback on how the model looks, meanwhile with McME, ther might be some bugs related to wrong angles between how custom model looks in the game and in the editor, how does the character would look with items in hand, etc.

Important: there's a new way of recording actions was implemented. Player recordings recorded in 1.4.8, can't be used in 1.4.7 and below. However, you can use actions from 1.4.7 in 1.4.8.


  • Added a config option for default path fixture interpolation
  • Added smooth cubic interpolated camera, like cinematic vanilla but Minema-friendly, see Options > Controls > Blockbuster Misc.
  • Added accelerated linear interpolation for roll and FOV when smooth camera enabled
  • Added hermite interpolation type for path fixture (/camera edit 0 hermite)


  • Added sub-commands:
    • /model clear – clears texture map cache from purple checkered textures
    • /model replace_texture – replaces texture in the texture map to another already loaded texture
    • /load_chunks – force loads all chunks in the render distance (affects only chunks which were already generated by the world)
  • Updated /record sub-commands to multiple action per frame feature
    • Added /record add and /record remove
    • Removed /record set
  • Updated /camera duration sub-command to take in account relative values (like with /camera step and /camera rotate)

Director block

  • Make director block's sides highlight on play or on stop
  • Fix crash when actor uses playback button (thanks to Badr)


  • Added a config option for custom model and skins refresh
  • Added a config option for enabling rendering nametags for actors always
  • Added a friendly reminder chat message when the player enters a world. Blockbuster lets the player know that (s)he's using not recommended version of Metamorph
  • Added configurable damage control (by default disabled, see mod options)
  • Compatible with Metamorph 1.1.3
  • Fixed grammar and phrasing in config comments (thanks to reck829)


  • Added a button in main menu and a keybind to access the model editor
  • Added a model editor GUI with following features:
    • Saving and loading models
    • Add, edit and remove limbs
    • Add, edit and remove poses
    • Edit general model properties (name, texture size, etc.)
    • Rotate and scale model in GUI
    • Limb swinging and swiping, hit box rendering, and item holding buttons
    • Texture picker
  • Added current camera playback tick in F3 screen
  • Added sliders in actor configuration GUI to rotate an actor (reck829's suggestion)
  • When you duplicate a replay in director block GUI, recording ID field will get incremented (record -> record_1, horse_5 -> horse_6, etc.) (thanks to sanchan)


  • Added recording of breaking block animation (break_animation)
  • Added recording of item usage (use_item)
  • Added Drop (boolean) property for place_block action which is responsible for dropping an according block
  • Fixed mounting action mounting again and over again
  • Switched to recording multiple actions per a frame

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