Block Drops Tweaker

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This mod allows you to tweak the drops of any blocks in just under a minute with fast performance. You have full control over the customization with just by using commands in real time.


This mod will allow the user to customize the drops of any specific blocks. By default, the mod would not change/alter anything and the config will be pretty much be blank. The user will have to explicitly configure which block to change the drops of. This allows you to have full control over the drops of any blocks without limits with custom rule set.



The goal of this mod is to allow modpack developers to have their own unique way to customizing drops of blocks. Want to have stone drop iron? Go ahead. Want to have a chance of a cobblestone dropping iron, gold or redstone with a configurable rarity? Go ahead. Want to make coal ore not drop coal item and instead drop the block? Go ahead. Want to make diamonds harder to achieve? Go ahead. You should not have any problems.




Features offered in this mod:

  • Supports any vanilla/modded blocks.
  • Supports any metadata of any blocks.
  • Custom Experience Drop Support for each drops in range
  • Ability to use wildcard to target any variant(metadata) of a block.
  • Ability to support Fortune Level as well as Silk Touch modifiers.
  • Support custom tools as well.
  • Ability to tweak the chance of the drop.
  • Ability to tweak a number of drops based on rarity.
  • The drops support metadata as well as amount.
  • Rarity/chance for each drops.
  • Ability to specify the chance to drop more than 1 item in 1 harvest.
  • Ability to either completely replace the drops or just add on the existing drop of a block.
  • All Commands have Auto-complete tab completions. It takes 1 minute to add drops now.
  • Ore Dictionary block drops support.
  • Tool/Item based drops support.
  • Y-Level/Altitude based drops support.
  • Biome based drops support.
  • GameStages API support.
  • Tinker Modifiers support.
  • Tinker Traits support.
  • Enchantment support.
  • Custom NBT support.
  • Biome blacklist/whitelist support.
  • GameStages blacklist/whitelist support.
  • GameStages any/all support.
  • Tinker Modifiers/Traits blacklist/whitelist support.
  • Enchantment blacklist/whitelist support.
  • Custom NBT blacklist/whitelist support.
  • Tool/Item blacklist/whitelist support.
  • 'exclusive' setting for any drops. When a drop is exclusive, it means that no other drops can drop if that drop is dropping. Aka exclusive drop.
  • Keybind(defaults to G) to save your block drops settings quickly.
  • Keybind(defaults to H) to load your block drops settings quickly.
  • Real-time block drops settings. If you want to save your settings on the JSON file, you can use the command '/bd save' or just press 'G'.
  • Real-time reload settings. By pressing the 'H' button or using the command '/bd reload', you can reload from the disk.
  • Better Silk Touch support. Now you can get both the silk touch item and the custom drops.
  • Fortune Quantity Modifer.
  • Fortune Rarity Modifer.
  • Fortune Chance Modifer.
  • A lot of commands to add any kinds of drops(check the wiki here:
  • Uses JSON for more speed.
  • Uses almost no resources.
  • Compatible with most mods.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Improved lookup performance significantly by caching data as well as doing less loops.


Discord(if you need any help):







Showcase(> 2.0):



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